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 District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle

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District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle  Empty
PostSubject: District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle    District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle  EmptyTue Jul 29, 2014 2:19 pm

Name: District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle

Type: Weapon

Version: Final

Final Release date: 9/21/2013

Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

Credits: Rumple

SPECIAL THANKS TO: LordBret, Cybis, & mruczek for beta testing!

Description: The alien assault rifle from the movie District 9. I made the model from scratch & used images from the actual movie props to make the textures.
Not bad for only 2 days work.

Technical Info:

Primary Fire: Projectile = 14 damage & headshot capable. Ammo Consumption: 1. Projectiles are formed from a liquid Taridium stored in the canister on the bottom of the rifle.
When the rifle is fired, a short blast of the Taridium liquid is mixed with a catalyst causing it to instantly solidify forming a Taridium shard inside the barrel as it's being fired from the weapon. This shard is then charged with photons from the 12 electrodes that run along the top of the barrel.

Alt Fire: Energy Grenade = 100 damage. Ammo Consumption: 20. There is a 1.5 second cool down after the grenade is fired before either fire mode can be used again. The grenade is fromed by the over charging of a Taridium shard making it very unstable after exiting the barrel.
These "grenades" explode violently when they collide with any surface & do massive damage to living tissue. Due to the over charging to produce these projectiles, firing these consumes 20 ammo.

Primary projectile:
HeadShotScale = 1.25

Alt grenade:

Weapon Specs:
ShotCost(0)=1 (ammo per shot on primary fire)
ShotCost(1)=20 (ammo per shot on alt fire)
AmmoCount=100 (ammo weapon has from pickup base)
LockerAmmoCount=100 (ammo weapon has from weapon locker)
MaxAmmoCount=200 (max amount of ammo weapon can hold)

Custom reward messages for 15 kills of either primary or secondary fire (which ever comes first).
Reward messages are spoken in "Prawn" & translated to english in text on the screen.
Primary fire reward: "I rule your planet!"
Alt fire reward: "Nice catch!

Installation: Unzip & drop the My Games folder into your My Documents folder, then launch the game. Use the weapon replacement mutator to swap out what weapon want the D9AR to replace.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/quyas3gpu753grc/UT3_D9_Assault_Rifle_Final.zip

District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle  ScreenShot00789_zps41b887a3

District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle  ScreenShot00795_zps988da875

District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle  D9ARImg3_zps48e4f7cd
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District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle
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