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 Rumple's Weapon Fire Sale!

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PostSubject: Rumple's Weapon Fire Sale!    Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:14 pm

Name: Rumple's Weapons
Type: 42 Weapon Pack
Version: Final
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Credits: Rumple for all the weapons except for the Ripper lite which I modified for Hedsteem. Blade Trooper made the original I just did some tweaks to it.

This is a compilation of the past 6 years of my work! There are 42 weapons in this pack, way too many to post screen shots of all of them. Here's a list of whats inside!

G-36 Assault Rifle
Plasma grenade Launcher
Cerberus Rocket Launcher
Dark Matter Cannon & Dark Matter Redeemer
Avenger Minigun
EH-Bio Rifle (does no self damage)
EH-Flak Cannon
EH-Ice Flak Cannon
EH-Plasma Gun
EH-Lightning Gun
EH-Link Gun
EH-Redeemer III
EH-Scorcher Flamethrower
EH-Shock Rifle
EH-Sniper Rifle
EH-Sniper Rifle B (rail gun)
Impulse Avril
Napalm Rocket Launcher
Necris Avril
Necris Link Gun
Necris Shock Rifle
Necris Stinger
Noob Slayer Knife
PPC (Particle Projection Cannon)
Pumpkin Bomb
Punisher Pistol
RIIP Trans-kill-ocator
RIIP Sniper Rifle
EH-Rocket Launcher
Swarm Avril
Toon Weapons (shock, canister launcher, rocket launcher)

There are also a lot of mutators in this pack. The chainsword has one called AddCHS. It adds the chainsword as default inventory without replacing any other weapons. EHLGA is Enhanced Lightning Gun Arena. It replaces all weapons with the lightning gun. EHLGAHC is a hardcore version. Eveyone spawns with just the lightning gun, it removes all other weapons & pickups from the map. The only way to get ammo is to pick up weapons from killed players. AddKnife adds the NoobSlayer knife as default inventory. UTMutator_SnowballArena is an arena mutator that gives everyone only snowballs. R_T gives you the RIIP Trans-kill-ocator, a translocator that has a puck that sticks to players & vehicles.


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Rumple's Weapon Fire Sale!
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