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PostSubject: VCTF-Corruption_SN   Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:23 am

Questa è Corruption versione -=SN=-, una versione migliorata e più giocabile di Corruption.

VCTF-Corruption_SN Download

Dal forum EPIC

Name: VCTF-Corruption_SN_Beta4
Version: 4
Compatibility: Patch5 (V2.1), Titan Pack
Description: a revisited VCTF-Corruption. Axon side now can handle Necris one.
This map is shipped with the game. An awesome map in my opinion, but a bit unbalanced. Now some changes are introduced:
-Added boots and wall-hammer-jump spots (screen # 1-2)
-Forced directional volumes in bases for vehicles (no more flag/base camping under the arches)
-Added an entire new floor between the spawn rooms (screen #3-6)
-Moved link from weapon locker and added in new floor as a pickup
-Added Big Keg'o'Health in new floor
-Added shieldbelt behind flag (in front of Dragon Statue) (screen #7)
-Added jump pads behind flag (under spawnpoints) for reaching upper floor and lowened trims for ease of access (screen #7)
-Added pickups EMP in water (under the mill) and DetPack in new upper floor (screen #8 the thing underwater for EMP; screen #5 for detpack)
-Added jump pads at the mill wheel sides to reach a sniper-avril upper spot in the center (screen #8-9)
-Added helmet next to the redeemer for protecting against the sniper spot just described
-Changed vehicles: Axon's scorpion near manta substituted by paladin; Necris' scavenger near nemesis substituted by viper

Comments: this is still a beta, so please report any bug (bad collision, texture problem, etc)


Credits: Epic for the map, -=SN=-ClanLeader KrIsto_n1 for the project, all -=SN=- Members for testing



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